Why initiating a Tech Mom project ?

These are the main reasons why I think this project can bring things to the table.


1. Discover Role Models

  • We need to read more stories of mothers who succeed in their careers
  • Moms’ stories and experiences are inspiring. It may inspire confidence and guide others

2. Parenting is underrated

  • Parenting greatly impacts our life but is often seen as “normal”
  • We are living roller coaster with parenting, reinventing ourselves, living an extraordinary life, we should talk about it

3. Empower mothers

  • Being a parent adds extra-additional work, let’s celebrate “superwomoms”
  • Reading other moms stories is empowering, it shows we are not alone and everything is possible

4. Build our own documentation

  • No manual yet about kids :) We could benefit of joining our experiences to learn and grow together
  • Tech is a place where people like to learn, share and contribute, we could benefit from it

5. Use the power of community

  • Connecting tech moms to learn together, support, encourage, inspire each other, discuss about our careers, motherhood, and why not collaborate one day :)
  • Here are examples of the power of community on maternity

In some countries such as Japan, a woman who has just given birth has to lie down to rest and devote herself to her child for several weeks. This also exists in Latin America, where it is called the “cuarentena”. Her relatives come to take care of her, housework, cook and take care of other children so she has nothing to do.

In short, she is surrounded during what is called the **Golden Month**.

“Friendliness is a huge relief for new moms who are under a great deal of stress adjusting to their new role […]. But studies show that during this difficult time, they often respond by reducing the level of support from their social network rather than increasing it, which increases their stress.”

Studies “have shown that friends, family members and groups of relatives can actually help reduce stress for new mothers, which helps them welcome their babies with more peace of mind and promotes attachment.

The more parents are surrounded, the happier and healthier the baby will grow”(1).

*(1) Alexander, Jessica-Joelle. Comment élever les enfants les plus heureux du monde (Essais et documents) (French Edition) (p. 192). JC Lattès. Édition du Kindle.**

Image created by Leni Kauffman